Measures for a better tomorrow


Measures for a better tomorrow

Labkotec’s comprehensive product range is the result of decades of research and development, and in-the-field experience. This experience, and our reliable products and services, give our customers peace of mind.

Our unique range of in-house designed and manufactured products are complemented by carefully selected imported products.

Labkotec’s own product range includes:

  • Alarm systems for oil and grease separators
  • Ice detection devices
  • Leakage detectors
  • Continuous level measurement and pump/valve control devices
  • Level measurement devices for petrol storage and distribution
  • LabkoNet®, cloud-based measurement data monitoring system

By carefully selecting its imported products, Labkotec expands its range of products in the Finnish domestic market. These imported products, which complement our own range, include

  • Devices for flow measurement
  • Oil-in-water measurement
  • Ultrasonic transducers for level measurement
  • Water pH, ORP, Oxygen, measurement

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