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Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for various industrial applications. Labkotec’s expertise is regularly relied by both industrial enterprises and municipal utility companies.

Labkotec’s history dates back to 1964, when the company, then known as Oy Labko Ab, started to design, manufacture and sell electronic measurement equipment. This measurement equipment was specifically designed for level measurement and detection of oil and water interfaces.

In 2003 Oy Labko Ab was sold to the Dutch Wavin Group when the name was changed to Wavin-Labko Oy. Later, in 2007 the Swedish, Nasdaq Stockholm listed company, Indutrade AB, acquired Labkotec from Wavin, and changed the company name to Labkotec Oy.

Now, operating independently as a part of the Indutrade Group, Labkotec remains a leader in measurement technology, and continues to provide innovative measurement solutions. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ business and to help them to protect people, and the environment.

Labkotec always offers the highest quality products and applications, and this fact is recognized by our customers. We are also fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Demanding applications areas like explosive atmospheres, and closely monitored environments, such as ports, demand the very best from our devices and systems. All our sensors and communication units comply with stringent ATEX and ISPS Code standards.

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